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Peter Baimbridge

Peter Baimbridge

Peter Baimbridge is the lay autistic member of the Autism@Manchester steering group, channelling the voice and interests of the autistic community and liaising between them and the group to help guide it.

Peter's business career did not prepare him for a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome/high-functioning autism at the age of 56, but came in handy when, his search for appropriate local support being fruitless, he decided to create what he found missing.

Peter went on to become co-founder and operator of Salfordautism, a wholly autistic-lead and run not-for-profit community interest organisation that uses autistic professionals to offer a range of practical support with the problems that living in an neurotypical world can throw up for an autistic person.

Salfordautism will work with anyone who is, cares for, or is affected by someone with an autism spectrum condition, and is unique in operating the only 24/7 contact line that will connect the caller to a real person with direct experience of living with autism within 30 seconds, and offering a 24/7 call-out service for those in crisis (0771 390 3224).

They also deliver bespoke autism awareness training to all types of public-facing professionals, social inclusion events, communications and development training, and undertake individual casework.

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In addition, Peter also sits on:

  • the Learning Disability and Autism advisory panels of NHS England (North) and NHS England (national)
  • GM Autism Strategy Delivery Group
  • Salford Learning Disability and Autism Strategy Delivery Board
  • Manchester Autism Strategy Delivery Board

Peter is also kept very busy:

  • delivering training on autism to professionals and public alike
  • acting as autism advocate in employment, landlord, benefits and other cases (upto and including The High Court)
  • speaking at conferences on the practice and problems of the living successfully with autism

In his spare time, Peter tries to catch up on his sleep.