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Our aims

Autism@Manchester encourages and facilitates a more holistic approach to research in which academics, clinicians, practitioners, autistic individuals and their family and carers, can come together more easily to work and share knowledge about autism research.

Our key aims are to bring academics, clinicians and other practitioners together with members of the autistic community to:

  • share knowledge and understanding around autism research;
  • collaborate on the selection, design and conduct of research.

Our ultimate goal is to enable researchers to produce quality research with real meaning for autistic people. To accomplish this goal, Autism@Manchester has developed a number of initiatives based on consultation with the autism community.

These include the circulation of newsletters, an 'Expert by Experience' advisory group, organising workshops and inviting speakers on the topic of autism, and the development of educational resources.

In line with our aims, these activities and resources are organised and facilitated by both researchers and members of the autistic community.