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Expert by Experience Advisory Group

The Expert by Experience Advisory Group aims to achieve active and meaningful public involvement at all stages of the research process, with a common goal of ensuring research quality.

Group members consist of autistic adults, parents, carers and family members of children or adults with autism. They act as critical friends on autism research from their own perspective of living with autism, advising and giving feedback about research via our face to face or virtual group.

For information on how to join the group please contact Dr Emma Gowen.

Face-to-face group for group members

Our face-to face-group meets quarterly and consists of around 15 to 18 group members.

Dates for the next group meetings are:

  • Wednesday 6 December 2017 -  Room 1.003, Roscoe Building
  • Wednesday 7 March 2018 - 2nd floor meeting room, Zochonis Building
  • Wednesday 13 June 2018 - 2nd floor meeting room, Zochonis Building

How to get to the meetings

All of our meetings are held in Zochonis Building on Brunswick Street, which is building number 60 on the campus map. You can also view our location on Google Maps and see what the building looks like.

You can find details about transport links by train, bus, bicycle and car on the University website.

To get to the meeting room and conference room in Zochonis, enter the building and walk straight ahead down a small flight of steps. Turn left and follow the stairs round to the 2nd floor. Walk straight ahead through two sets of double doors.

  • For the 2nd floor conference room (2.39), turn right and walk through a further set of double doors – the room is straight ahead.
  • For the 2nd floor meeting room, turn left and the room is straight ahead.

To access the lift, turn left after the foyer and walk through the automatic double doors. The lift is on your right behind a low, glassed wall. Press 2 in the lift and turn right out of the lift, then immediately left.

Room 2.39 is the 2nd door on the right. For the 2nd floor meeting room, turn left through the double door and the room is straight ahead.

Car parking

If you would like to use car parking, contact Emma Gowen ( at least 2 days prior to the meeting to arrange a free space.

Contact us

If you need further help, please email:

If you need help on the day of the meeting, please phone Peter Baimbridge on 07713 903224.

Expert by Experience Advisory Group for researchers

Have you asked autistic people or their family members what they think about your research?

Do you want your research findings to get to the people that could most benefit?

Have you thought about talking to the Expert by Experience Advisory Group?

What is the group about?

Autistic people, parents and carers of autistic children advise on research projects at all stages of development, using face-to-face or virtual means.

Why should I consult the group?

People living with autism may have insights into your planned research that you may not have considered. Consulting the group could assist with bridging the gap between researcher and subject, improving the relevance, impact and funding success of your research.

The group can also help disseminate your work so it gains wider impact and recruits more participants.

If you would like to find out more contact: Dr Emma Gowen