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Autism@Manchester invited artists with autism or Asperger syndrome to contribute their art to this website.

You can see their artwork throughout the site, and find out more about the artists and their work below.

Elvin Simpson

Elvin is originally from Rochdale, England, and now lives in Moyle, Northern Ireland. Elvin completed a BA Hons in Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art, and more recently an MSc (Arch) in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technologies in Wales. Elvin has earned his living as a carpenter, joiner, cabinet maker and stair maker over the years, while playing and writing music and songs in his spare time. He came back to his artwork after a long sabbatical in the attempts to rationalise being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and realising his work had significance to others beside himself.

Shui Mao

Shuis name is Hugo Palomares Fava, but he uses the pseudonym Shui Mao, which is a Chinese name. "Shui" means water and "Mao" means cat, together "Water Cat".

Shui discovered that he has Asperger syndrome in his forties. His diagnosis has helped Shui begin to understand his difficulties integrating socially, and also the reason why he spends his time creating very detailed artwork for hours.

Robert Lessard

Robert Lessard was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and is on the autism spectrum. He is self taught in several different artistic mediums including drawing, painting, sculpting, digital design, writing, music composition, singing, percussion instruments and photography. He describes himself as reclusive and obsessive, and has been known to fixate on geometry, nature, the cosmos, paranormal things, extraterrestrials, and just about anything awe inspiring or different. His goal is to one day open an art centre to help people with mental and physical handicaps to find their hidden talents, share their ideas, and bring positive changes to the world through progressive thinking and artwork.

Brandon Gould

Brandon Gould decorates rugs, paintings, and more by hand and sells these under the name Brandon's Aspie Art. Brandon is a young man from Virginia, USA, who has Asperger syndrome and is on the autism spectrum. He uses his art as therapy and to "make others happy".

You can see more of his work on his Facebook page.