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Previous speakers

Autism@Manchester regularly invites speakers from within the network and from other organisations to give presentations at The University of Manchester.

Click on the title of the presentation to read more about the subject and speaker.

Presentations are also available to download for some talks.

Speaker: Thomas Bleazard, The University of Manchester

Title: Investigating the role of microRNAs in autism susceptibility

Date: 17 February, 2016

Speaker: Stewart Mostofsky Kennedy, Krieger Institute, Baltimore

Title: Moving Towards Understanding and Improving Outcomes for Children with Autism

Date: 1 June 2015

Download the presentation: Moving Towards Understanding and Improving Outcomes for Children with Autism (PDF, 26MB) - Coming soon

Speaker: Professor Anantha Shekhar, Indiana School of Medicine

Title: Elucidating Mechanisms of Neuropsychiatric Disorders utilizing Genetic Models Date: 29 May 2015

Speaker: Professor Connie Kasari, UCLA

Title: Engaging Autism: Developmental Implications for Intervention

Date: 17 March 2015

Download the presentation: Engaging Autism (PDF, 21MB)-Coming soon

Speaker: Dr Wenn Lawson MAPS MBPsS

Title: Research and Autism: separating goats from the sheep; planning, consulting and execution Date: 22 September 2014 Download the presentation: Research and Autism (Powerpoint, 12MB)

Dr Wenn Lawson is a psychologist (UK) and member of the Australian Psychological Society. Wenn is also a qualified social worker with the Associated Students of Social Work. Specialising in training for autism spectrum conditions for over 20 years, Dr Lawson is well known as a researcher, author, conference speaker, seminar presenter and university lecturer.

Dr Lawson is an autistic adult, a parent of four children, the younger one being autistic too, and grandparent to two gorgeous little girls, also on the autism spectrum. All of Dr Lawson’s work is presented from the insight of living and working with autism.